Time Flies

Time flies when you are having fun and/or busy, I guess. And the time has certainly flown since I have last written on the Elm Street Gardens blog.  We’ve had Christmas, replete with family and friends, a pretty quiet New Year’s and a great time on MLK Day with a Sparta clean up and celebration.  And now Elm Street Gardens has a new revamped website and February is moving right along and before we know it, spring will be here.

All the everyday activities in the garden keeps us busy as well as our continuing project of restoring the old Sparta Furniture Factory building across the street and the creation of the Sparta Imperial Mushroom Company in that facility. A lot is going on and a lot of good folks have been coming to visit, including visitors from Georgia Trust whom we assisted in buying an old house up the street that they have put on the market looking for a buyer who is interested in restoring and preserving another wonderful old Sparta house.

Most notable for us here at Elm Street Gardens is the departure of garden managers, the Fowlers, Megan, Brad and Emolyn, from the gardens.  We miss them all, but are pleased that they are still a part of our lives as Megan helps us with our Elm Street Gardens website and other matters and Brad will assist Jonathan Tescher with the Sparta mushroom growing facility.  And it is exciting to have new garden manager, Jim Fraser here. 

Jim hails from Roswell, Georgia, graduated from Tufts University in Massachusetts, spent three years in the Peace Corps and has worked on other farms in New England, North Carolina and north Georgia.  When we were interviewing Jim for the manager position, he told us that he felt he was ready to manage a farm operation.  After over a month of having him here with us at Elm Street Gardens, we certainly agree that he was telling the truth:  He was ready!   It is a pleasure to have him here organizing, planning and working hard.  


Jim works on cleaning out a row of turnips before reworking the row for another crop.

Jim works on cleaning out a row of turnips before reworking the row for another crop.

15 Elm Street, Sparta, GA