Exit Winter . . .

After a chill night and cool day, winter seems to be making its departure from these parts.  The treachery of mid-April has departed middle Georgia.

Rows are uncovered, plants are soaking up the sunshine and Jim and Liz are planting okra and MORE tomatoes (you know you can never have too many tomatoes).  We have welcomed the return of spring at Elm Street Gardens and bid winter good-bye.  We hope.



Below are some pictures of spring's return at Elm Street Gardens.  You'll see the uncovered beds, new plantings of squash, okra, tomatoes and cucumbers.  And thornless blackberry blossoms, strawberry blossoms (with a few little berries forming if you look carefully) as well as roses and the lovely pale green of a newly leafed out crepe myrtle.  


15 Elm Street, Sparta, GA