Winter Reset

Its a new year here in Sparta and there's no pretending its not winter.  With temperatures barely climbing above freezing during the day, this might be the coldest overall week we've had in many years.  Even though we plant and harvest year-round, growth is definitely slower this time of year.  In the photo you can see we use a combination of row covers and hoop houses to protect from the cold.  Each layer adds about 3-4 degrees of protection, so we might get a total of 7-8 degrees in the covered hoop house beds.  But with lows in the teens, the plants still will still freeze, and a frozen plant doesn't grow.  

There are a few good things about cold weather though.  It kills many weed and insect pests, and gives us an opportunity to focus on some indoor things like ordering seeds and supplies and going over finances.  (And updating the website).  

2018 has a few changes in store for the farm, with Josh and Jess moving on to start their own farm, and Jim returning to manage.  We still plan to have the same high quality, organic produce as always, and look forward an exciting year of growth. 

15 Elm Street, Sparta, GA