We strive to make putting our produce on your table easy. We sell our produce through our Farm Box CSA Program, farmers markets, and directly on farm.

Our Seasonal CSA Program

Farm Box

The Farm Box is a program that allows you to buy and pick up locally grown, naturally raised produce, eggs, and herbs from the same place at the same time. It is our answer to the following question: What is the simplest way to get the greatest diversity of delicious and ethically raised products into your kitchen? With the Farm Box you can enjoy a greater variety of food and have a direct relationship with the farmers that are responsible for growing and raising it.  Email us to learn more:

Saturdays in Atlanta, GA

Farmers Markets                               

We are pleased to announce that we now sell our produce at the Morningside Farmers Market in Atlanta every Saturday morning. 

email us at: regarding visits

On Farm Sales

Buy your produce directly at the source! We're at the farm Monday-Friday so you can stop in to see if we have what you're looking for. While it is always our hope that we can accommodate you some days are better than others. You are most likely to strike vegetable gold when you email us ahead of time at to let us know what you'd like and when.